Excerpt of an article by Ashraf Nehru from disguise

The Tour Manager, shouting “Who wants to be the next person to tell me No”, turns around, and his eye fixes upon Phineas.

The Famous Musician, it seems, has decreed that the main LED screen, normally stationary, must rise from the ground to the ceiling during the first number. The recently-sacked Stage Manager has said No, on the grounds that the increased weight loading would risk causing the collapse of the listed building that houses the show.

Phineas, whose affable demeanour conceals a keen instinct for self-preservation, sizes up the situation.

“We can do it,” he says. “We’d need to get a qualified building engineer and an architect to come in and examine the building, and then a construction company and a crane to reinforce the ceiling with an extra beam to take the load. It will cost in the region of a couple of million dollars and take three weeks to complete safely, so we’d have to push back the date of the show. But we can do it.”

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