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we maintain a community at discord for industry discussion and events

Past AMAs

AMA with Scott Millar

Join video engineer and design technologist, Scott Millar, on January 11th at 4pm PST on the frame:work discord

Scott will share his valuable insights on technology, life and everything in between.

January 11th - 4pm PST

AMA with Marcus Bengtsson

Join Original Syndicate CTO, Marcus Bengtsson, on January 25th at 4pm PST on the frame:work discord

Marcus will open for questions on a range of entertainment technology topics from engineering to business development, product and practice.

January 25th - 4pm PST

AMA with Chet Miller

Join media server educator and 4Wall technology specialist, Chet Miller, on February 9th at 9am PST on the frame:work discord

Chet will open for questions on a range of entertainment technology topics from media server workflows, problem solving, and training.

February 9th - 9am PST


AMA with Amanda Facemire

Join freelance real-time engine & media server programmer, Amanda Facemire, on February 22nd at 4pm PST on the frame:work discord

Amanda will be available for questions on all things related to delivering video to screen.

February 22nd - 4pm PST


AMA with Cassidy Pearsall

Join Solutions Architect at ARRI Americas, Cassidy Pearsall, on March 14th at 5pm PDT on our discord.

Cassidy will answer your burning questions on about the questions everybody asks on the contact form on the website, what goes into building a self-sustainable network, and how we can use our knowledge and access to foster growth in the next gen of pixel people.

March 14th - 5pm PDT

about our discord server

The frame:work discord server is a community forum for the sharing of ideas, insights, solutions and industry discussion. We encourage thoughtful dialog that supports learning and mentorship, as well as challenges participants to expand their existing knowledge and expectations. We are each working toward constant learning and improved practice, no matter our level of expertise or range of experience. All are welcome.

Your Moderators

Rodd McLaughlin

Rodd is a Screens Producer, Media Server Programmer, and General Technologist. Striving to create systems and techniques for streamlining workflows between ideas and final outcomes, he works with a wide variety of tools to achieve the client’s desired result.

Nathan Solomon

Nathan bridges real and virtual experiences in service of art and clients, working largely in 3D CAD and Unreal, while supervising a broad variety of technologies in his daytime CTO role. He is currently obsessed with pneumatic systems and their application to human experience

Nate Wilkens

Nate is a Freelance Programmer, Media Server Programmer and Engine Operator.He specializes in live events, AR, XR and real-time interactive and immersive experiences. His goal is to create interactive and immersive experiences that amplify art utilizing tech at the bleeding edge.

Laura Frank

Laura is the founder and Executive Director of frame:work. She has authored two textbooks in screens related creative technology and freelances as a technical producer.