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Sarah Cox started her professional career as a Stage Manager at the Comedy Store in London but fell in love with the emerging digital video industry for “live” in the mid-noughties. She has spent every day since, immersed at the cutting edge of video technology, assisting companies looking to adopt new workflows within the live experience, broadcast and immersive installation realms.

Sarah spends her time connecting with people and working as a translator between commercial and technical needs. She works with the commercial teams of the industry’s leading technology companies, helping them tell their story, grow their communities and nurture the next generation of talent. In 2022, she launched her own company, Neutral Human. Focused on bridging the gap between the ever changing world of technology and business.


David Bajt is the co-founder of the London-based media technology company Bild (2017) and virtual production studio MARS Volume (2020).

Following an MSc in Media Technology & Engineering and an MSc in Architectural Lighting Design, David started his career at renowned digital art practice United Visual Artists (2008-2011) the original creators of d3 media server, now named disguise. David continued his career as the first Consulting Lead for d3 Technologies before establishing the video consulting studio BAJT in 2012, before co-founding Bild in 2017.

Fusing visual design, technology and production management, David continues to develop cutting-edge projects combining architecture, stage, performance, art and technology.


Paweł ”Spider” Pajak
A light and shadow explorer and passionate advocate for the art of lighting and multimedia with 20+ years in the industry. His career took off by collaborating with music artists, leading to innovative festival designs and various live events. His international projects showcasing his ability to merge technology with artistic vision.

In 2017, he launched Percepto, a brand that brought a fresh perspective on designing and integrating multimedia solutions, gaining recognition for his creative visual productions. Venturing into xR/AR and virtual production since 2020, he pioneered xR technology use at “Freekwencja xR Festival,” demonstrating his drive to redefining audience experiences. As of 2023, he’s the creative force at Warsaw Virtual Studios, focusing on LED-based VP technology and leading content creation with UE5 and Notch render engines.

He also serves as vice president of a foundation behind the “Stage of Tomorrow” international conference, an inspiration hub for business, culture and education.

Michael Al-Far is a creative centipede and a Belgium/British designer.

Michael has extensive experience with Live Shows, Musicals, Performance Art, Music Festivals and Film & TV. He is passionate about design and the creative process of translating a client’s dream into reality, using contemporary techniques, materials, and technology.

Innovation and leading-edge technology are the main drivers for Michael’s designs and concepts. He believes we need to look forward on our way to explore new ways of design and entertainment.

Michael is involved in Film, Broadcast and Live Entertainment all around the world. He started in the movie industry as an electrician and made it through the ranks to Director of Photography for Film & TV. With the introduction of 3D design programs, a natural migration followed into 3D design for concepts, lighting, and visual content.

He is a pioneer in media server AR/XR technology and Virtual Production for film and broadcast and is co-founder of Virtual Innovation Partners in Belgium running the Benelux’ largest Virtual Production Studio.

Andy Hook serves as d&b’s Director of Technology Strategy. He specialises in the visioneering of future technologies for the group with a particular focus on the convergence of video, light and spatial audio, as well as the exciting future potential of augmented reality. Andy is a creative technologist, an entrepreneur and a futurist. Having built several companies in the creative technology space, Andy’s career has taken him, through a series of acquisitions, to be in a senior leadership position within the d&b group – a multinational technology company with over 1000 employees.

Andy’s career has seen him take on some prestigious ventures – including the design, installation and operation of complete integrated audio-visual solutions and broadcast studios for nationally and internationally acclaimed projects including with clients such as; ITV, BBC , Bloomberg, MSG and Sky.

Andy is credited as one of the small group of people who pioneered the concept of an XR stage – developing the world’s first ever stage for Discovery Eurosport’s coverage of the Olympic Winter Games in 2018 during his time as Technical Solutions Director at White Light. Andy went on to create the SmartStage brand of turn-key XR solutions – delivering some of the world’s first permanently installed XR stages for the likes of the University of Michigan & Verizon.

Investing much of his time into the research and development of new technologies, Andy’s passion is collaborating with manufacturers and industry peers to uncover ground-breaking new ways to utilise technology, pushing the boundaries of the latest equipment and exploring the potential of future technologies.