announcing frame:work festival

frame:work festival 2020

December 4/5 & 11/12

This December we are hosting a four day international event featuring case studies from the community

Tickets are now available! Register at the following links:

**Weekend 1 & Weekend 2**

Session Q&A will be hosted on our DISCORD server.
Join today for community chat.

**Tickets for this event are donation based**
frame:work is a volunteer effort and all donations go to cover our hosting expenses – our tip jar is on this web page on the right.

The suggested donation for the 2020 festival is what you earn on average in an hour of work. If you are currently a student or not working as a result of the pandemic, please consider yourself our welcome guest.

Our full schedule is now live! Check out the amazing speakers who will be presenting at this year’s festival below.

Our festival will feature a selection of international speakers representing all facets of how pixels are used in live events, installations and virtual production. If you engineer for pixel delivery or display, design moving pixels for computer screens, scenic screens or massive LED volumes, or negotiate the production environments where it all comes together, this event is for you.

Our festival is on a regional rotating schedule. All presentations will be recorded and made available after the festival.

Welcome to frame:work festival 2020

Day 1: All times London based (BST)
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Day2: All times Tokyo based (JST)
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Day 3: All times Los Angeles based (PST)
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Day 4: All times Los Angeles based (PST)
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