frame:work was founded to bring the live event creative video and screens production community together in an annual event. The pandemic sent us online and changed our community scope in response to industry changes. Our founders reflect that evolution.

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community founders

frame:work was founded in the fall of 2019 by Laura Frank, Luke Malcolm, Soren West & Elliot Dunwoody

Laura Frank spent her early career establishing herself as a top lighting programmer with projects spanning rock tours with David Bowie and Madonna, to Broadway shows like Spamalot and television events like the Concert for NY. As the media server market started to evolve, Laura made the shift to screen content and control.

After a decade of refining a media delivery workflow, she established herself as a Screens Producer leading a highly regarded Media Operations team for prominent events around the world. Her shows included the MTV Video Music Awards, The Game Awards, the Turner Upfront and the CMA Music Awards.

Currently Laura is focused on education, community development and consulting for live events & virtual production.

Luke Malcolm has spent the last two decades building. Building everything from businesses, interactive installations, experiences and teams. He knows enough C++ to make him dangerous and with visual parents for artists, he spent his childhood on stages, photo shoots and FOH.

In more recent years he’s been pivotal in growing businesses in the AV and content industry, but also building experiences like the Nike Rise interactive basketball court. Today he spends his time as a founder growing Notch and raising his young family in London.

Soren West is an executive producer of original immersive entertainment and live events of all kinds serving performance artists and experiential brand communications.

His decades of experience include work with the biggest names in recording & touring entertainment and companies such as Turner, Nike, iHeart Media, Live Nation, AEG, the NFL, Viacom, A&E, CBS, and icons of Silicon Valley. Through 2016, Soren served as CEO of Atomic Design, a live events business, where he helped drive that company’s growth in offices across the globe.

He was a founding partner of Beame Lighting, which was sold to 4Wall in 2016, and a founding contributor to Rock Lititz, a live entertainment production campus & rehearsal studio.

Elliott Dunwody is a 20 year veteran of live experience, an advisor to artists, a creative consultant, and a producer. Elliott manages and directs creatives of all kinds with the explicit goal of delivering original experiences that leave lasting impressions.

As a pioneer in live events, and a true connector, Elliott has been a part of successful ventures in a variety of verticals from festival experience, electronic touring, branded events, peer to peer programing, and brand activations.

He has produced and managed events reaching millions of people in his career, serving as artist manager, creative director, and executive producer.

online conference founders

in the spring of 2020, frame:work expanded the founders leadership team to include Ash Nehru, Matthew Ward, J.T. Rooney & Trevor Burk

Ash Nehru made the mistake of letting other people use his software; the result was

Now he’s trying to figure out how to fix what’s really broken.

Matthew Ward founded the boutique company Tekamaki and co-founded Element Labs, the first company to successfully establish itself at the intersection of lighting and video.

Element Labs’ products won awards at PLASA, Lightfair, and LDI. The company released a series of unique products between 2003 and 2008 that defined entirely new segments in the LED market including Versa TILE, Versa TUBE, Stealth, and Cobra.

Matt is part of R&D at Fuse Engineering Workshop and is Head of Product at Superlumenary, a product design and consulting company focused on the hardware development for the entertainment technology industry.

J.T. Rooney is a Screen Producer based in Los Angeles, in the LA office of Silent Partners Studio. SPS is a design and content creation studio based in Montreal that has been featured on some of the world’s largest events, including the Super Bowl, European Games Closing Ceremonies, permanent installations, and numerous large world tours.

Since joining teams with Silent Partners Studio, J.T. has led projects with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles, P!NK, and other large pop tours, in addition to Screen Producing events and experiences for Instagram, Audi, TIDAL, and many others.

J.T. is currently working Extended Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality as new tools in the world of entertainment.

Trevor Burk is a trained lighting designer with a specialization in multi dispensary design and execution of new technology. Trevor’s early career was spent merging lighting and video in the Opera while splitting time developing new ways to merged lighting and video designs for some of the Walt Disney Companies largest scale productions and special events.

Trevor holds creative direction and production design credits helming world tour and festival appearances for Main St. Electrical Parade, Tokyo Disneyland (Media Design), James Bay- Electric Light (Creative Director), Foster the People, Sacred Hearts Club, Torches, (Creative Director) Animal Collective Centipede Hz World Tour (Production Designer), Kilimanjaro Safari Ride(Sr. Lighting Designer/Media Design), Glass’ civil warS , Los Angeles Philharmonic (Lighting Design) Pitch Perfect 3 (Production Lighting Designer) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, (Theatrical Lighting Design) Billboard Music Awards 2017, 2018 (Screens Producer), MTV-VMA 2019,2020 (Screens Producer), CMA Awards 2019 (Screens Producer)