people powered

Our commitment to this community is to deliver forums that are marketing-free. This is a place for discussion about our work amongst our peers for the growth and health of the community.

In our leadership and membership are the employees of the software we use and the hardware we rely on. There will be representatives of the companies that invest in purchasing and maintaining the gear that makes our work possible. Each of us in some way eventually has tools, skills or product to sell.

frame:work is a No Self-Promotion community

We love to share our projects, explain tricks we learned and demo technology for each other. There will be space made in the community forum to do that. We encourage you to share & celebrate the work you do! However, selling those projects, tricks and demos in our forum will not be tolerated.

There will come a time when we are able to gather together in a physical conference. We may build community initiatives that we need to fund and can’t raise the capital on our own. At that time we will discuss sponsorship to realize those goals. Until then we will remain people powered.