frame:work education mission

frame:work:lab is an initiative that facilitates intentional interactions and learning outreach between students and educators, clients and industry, and our professional membership.

our educational mission

The frame:work community works across a diverse set of technologies and practices that are constantly evolving. The pace of change facing frame:work membership creates a professional and educational environment that is out of balance due to rapidly progressing technology, lack of consistent industry standards and ever shifting roles and responsibilities. This in turn puts pressure on producers seeking to find skilled talent to meet demand, and also creates a knowledge gap with our clients, our technology partners, educational programs, and even within the community. 

frame:work seeks to create meaningful educational engagement that helps create the next generation of practitioners, builds the expertise of seasoned practitioners and increases the value & visibility of our professional contribution to the industry. We are a community of curious, motivated trailblazers, and frame:work is the resource to share that well of inspiration. 

frame:work will meet these goals through the funding of development programs that build bridges between students, educators, vendors & producing companies that:

* present new talent to the industry
* bring relevant expertise from industry to educators, students and seasoned practitioners
* create mutually beneficial communication between education & industry
* provide documentation to better communicate to clients the mix of skills and rolls required for successful productions

frame:work:lab outreach programs

We have a number of projects in development that serve as community education & enrichment.  frame:work does not seek to be the education resource but to engage in programs that enhance and support those that provide classroom studies & training, and facilitate their application in a professional setting.

Outreach to students allows frame:work membership various mentorship opportunities with the next generation of practitioners.  Students see the way their skills get applied in future career applications while working professionals can influence the shape of academic choices for students.  These relationships allow frame:work to inspire students with current industry trends and start relationship building for future job placements.

New Talent List – initiated Spring ‘21
This program partners with academic institutions to curate a vetted list of students with skills and interest in live entertainment video screen production and virtual production.  Each spring we select 20 students from a submission process that includes 3rd & 4th year undergraduate students and graduate students with skills relevant to the industry; including content creation (both traditional and generative), Pre-Viz, digital pipeline and engineering, playback and systems integrations, 3D software, video engineering, and creative coding.

A partner program to the Student New Talent List, each spring we will host an online speed-interview process to introduce graduating students to  professional companies hiring new talent.

Entertainment Technology Survey Seminar
This seminar seeks to provide an introduction to current entertainment technology.  By sharing the tools and production roles used in a variety of entertainment applications, we seek to inspire students, exposing them to resources they may not have access to in their academic program. This can reach a large student community across creative, computer and other adjacent studies.

Relationship Building
We regularly make introductions between students and professionals to help find internships and job opportunities.  This continues to be improved through participation in our online forum and virtual social gatherings.

Educator outreach provides assistance to teachers, mentors, and trainers that creates pathways to the latest skills used professionally.  While foundational knowledge in entertainment disciplines is invaluable, frame:work seeks to support educators by providing tools to expose students to emerging knowledge.

Curriculum Guidance
Our insight into needed skills for the professional community can be translated into curriculum guidance for university programs and individual educators.  

Master Class Presentations
frame:work can assist in connecting professors and mentors seeking guest lectures and master classes on current industry topics with skilled professionals through frame:work’s master class coordination initiative 

Project Support
Educators benefit from assistance provided by corporations and/or industry professionals when students take on projects needing resources outside the scope of their curriculum. Whether it’s a developing technology that needs mentor guidance or temporary access to gear to complete a thesis, frame:work can participate in supporting access to the resources needed. 

Client Education is a critical component to frame:work community advancement. We often overestimate what knowledge our clients and partner departments have about our contributions. That knowledge gap impacts time and budget expectations and limits our ability to communicate effectively. frame:work can provide smart, targeted tools to assist production executives learning about XR, VP, Screens Producing and Content Creation.

Producer Guides
Through clear & short documentation, frame:work can provide easily digestible learning guides to understand different facets of our work and the teams that make it successful.

Online Seminars
frame:work can host live virtual events on different topics of concern for event producers like budgeting, scheduling, roles and responsibilities, terminology and creative planning

Partnerships with vendors, manufacturers, software developers and rental houses are a valuable way to create further understanding and respect between frame:work membership and the tool suppliers we depend upon. While our cultures may have subtle differences, our goals are aligned. frame:work seeks to improve communication and awareness between practitioners and suppliers.

The frame:work community platform exists to support the membership and help them excel.  While training is often made available by the vendors & manufacturers, there are gaps that frame:work can help fill in community development. 

Leadership Training
Not every technologist or creative is a natural at managing a team.  When called to the tasks of producing, client interaction or budgeting, many in our membership find these roles challenging. frame:work can provide seminars in leadership and business topics to help build strong leaders from within the community.

CV Building
For members interested in future academic careers, frame:work can provide seminars focused on creating master classes and CV building to prepare for academic roles.

Many frame:work initiatives provide support and benefit the wider community.  Ultimately the strength of a community platform like frame:work is our ability to bridge facets of the community together.  

Conference Presentations
While frame:work plans to build their own in person conference, participating in other conferences will become part of our larger community outreach.  

Taxonomy Wiki
As an evolving discipline, our language is constantly changing.  frame:work seeks to establish a taxonomy working group to drive adoption of a set of terms and role titles for sharing within the production community.

We achieve these goals with your participation. We want to celebrate community success and learn from industry adversities. Let us hear your voice!

– join the frame:work mailing list
– participate in our discord forum
– contribute to our media outreach with photos, an essay or a learning journal entry
– engage with our student initiatives

Have another idea to share? Reach out to the leadership team