New Talent

The New Talent List

Each spring, frame:work presents a list of impressive student talent with the skills needed to work in our profession. We arrange meetups for companies to meet our candidates in an informal online gathering.

New Talent 2023

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The application window for the 2024 New Talent List has ended.

The New Talent List for 2024 will be posted on March 11.

Applicants – check your email for announcements & upcoming meetups.

The frame:work New Talent List is a curated list of students from international academic programs, that provide curriculum in skills vital to video design and pixel-based entertainment technology production.

frame:work is uniquely positioned to introduce students to employers & freelance contractors, in the fields of Virtual Production, XR and video content design. Career opportunities in live entertainment and creative installations offers a variety of new employment horizons. The frame:work community is home to designers, creative technologists, producers and engineers in a variety of applications for broadcast tv, film & virtual production, theater, concert touring, permanent installations, and more.

For our New Talent List, we look for up to 60 individuals who are sharp, self-motivated students who have completed at least 50% of a post-secondary education program. We want students from a variety of academic programs who have experience with:

  • Real-Time Content Creation: Unity, Unreal, Notch, & Live Camera Capture
  • Content Creation: After Effects, Maya, Houdini, & Runway
  • Video Content Design and Development
  • Video system Design and Engineering
  • 3D Modeling: Cinema4D, Blender & StudioMax
  • 3D Drafting: Vectorworks, SketchUp & AutoCAD
  • ML/AI 3D & 2D Image Generation
  • Projector & LED Screen Engineering
  • Creative Coding: Processing/C#
  • Traditional Coding: C+, Java & Python
  • Virtual Art Department and VFX
  • Color Science
  • Camera & Motion Tracking: Stype, Stage Precision, Mo-Sys, Blacktrax, Noitom
  • Programming Media Servers & VP Platforms: disguise, Pixera, TouchDesigner, SMODE, Hippo and others
  • Entertainment Technical Production and programming Skills – GrandMA & other DMX Control Systems, Artnet, Networking
  • DOP/DP & Camera Operation
  • Drone Programming
  • Creativity, Collaboration and innovative use of technology to tell story

The submission process starts in the late fall and the New Talent List comes out early March each year. Students who have been represented by this list in the past have come from theater programs, emerging media programs, animation and game design programs. We ask all applicants are current students or within 12 months of their program completion by the application deadline.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions about the New Talent List.