“Career system design on the fly”

  • Graduated high school.
  • Went to college for a year. Dropped out
  • Became the network administrator for my school district. Learned networking, bailed.
  • Became a Janitor and Ventura Theater. (For those paying attention this is the turning point)
  • Original Crew Member of Superior Stage Crew.
  • Got purchased by Ed and Teds from Superior Stage Crew ($5,000 donated to a charity of my choice)
  • Cable, Conventionals, Motors, Moving lights and then finally; Systems and Control.
  • Introduction to Control Freak Systems (Another turning point, going to go ahead and blame Dirk Sanders on this one.)
  • Hello touring and insane corporate shows (3 Years) This is also when Ed and Teds became EPIC
  • Got fired from EPIC, 15 mins later walked in as a Control Freak Systems Employee
  • Hellooooo media servers and screens control.
  • Worked for Control Freak, 13 years.
  • Joined Earlybird Visual as Director of Operation and Logistics, 4 years.
  • Covid Sucks, hustle, hustle, and hustle.
  • Director of Media Servers Fuse Technical Group

Long story as short as I could make it. However, this brings us to where I am now.

We (The Department of Media Servers) are changing everything and doing things differently.

This is not just innovation in technology, more importantly this is innovation to living.

Come find out why and how.