I started my production journey working on feature films, television and branded content. 

My love for the craft grew out of working with directors and creatives, turning ideas into realities. My work has taken me across the world producing, shooting and executing experiences for the last 15 years. 

As a producer, I’ve evolved with the times, curiosity pushing my limits to work outside the traditional boundaries. In 2015, as a co-founding member of UNIT9 North America, I began exploring integrated production. I became a pioneer working with emerging technology, and building teams that allowed us to create the unthinkable. We experimented with machine learning, generative art, custom prototyping and AI.

I helped brands bridge the gap between their campaign ideas and new innovative thinking, providing the confidence and education to explore the unknown. 

Most recently, I’ve been working with the team at VTPRO Design, where we play with bespoke hardware and have fun with robotics. I helped attract a new data set of clients, while encouraging our partners to keep pushing the limits. Special shout out to Heineken for allowing us to create the world’s first beer rover. VTPRO Design was acquired by BUCK Design in 2022.  

I’m now consulting and advising with new and emerging companies such as 3D anamorphic content house out of Barcelona, BCN and Toronto based tech partner ZeMind.