Founder, Luminous FX & frame:work
Author, Screens Producing & Media Operations, Routledge (2019) & Real-Time Video Content for Virtual Production & Live Entertainment, Routledge (2022) 

Laura has over thirty years of professional experience as an entertainment technologist. Working across a diverse group of production environments Laura seeks to demystify the technological hurdles to creative visions and improve a client’s experience of working with cutting edge technology. This includes merging the toolsets of video, lighting, audio and scenic automation into one unified visual experience. Her work includes Broadway shows like Matilda, Shrek & Spamalot, concert experiences from David Bowie to Miley Cyrus to Savion Glover and televised events from Olympic Opening Ceremonies to the Latin Grammy Awards, the MTV VMAs and The Video Game Awards. Laura currently consults as a technical producer for architectural video installations.

Creative technology applied to film, broadcast, theatrical, concert, immersive and location based entertainment is a specialized field with a demand for experienced professionals. To grow this community, Laura has written two textbooks for Routledge. However education only solves part of the equation. Advocating for the community and our shared practice is a critical part of our professional standing. Laura co-founded frame:work, a community organization for creative video professionals working in live events, installations and virtual production to help address this important issue. #wearelivepixelpeople