Josue Ibañez is a visionary in the multimedia industry with a career spanning over a decade. Throughout his journey, he has explored modern storytelling, pushing the boundaries of digital and physical experiences. With an artistic drive, he seeks to unravel the fusion of technology and aesthetics.

Previously, as a co-founder of Cocolab, one of the world’s leading multimedia studios, Josue Ibañez led a team of artists, designers, and developers. Together, they crafted immersive installations and multimedia environments that captivated audiences worldwide. Notably, their creations have been showcased in venues such as SXSW in Austin, Today’s Art in Japan, The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Mutek in Mexico City, Day for Night in Houston, Black Matte Projects New York City, Yang Art Gallery in China, and Meow Wolf in Las Vegas.

Josue’s works transcend geographical boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on diverse audiences. From creating awe-inspiring experiences for private clients globally to designing large-scale art pieces, his innovative contributions have gained recognition on a global scale. He is an active speaker in the field of Immersive Experiences featuring in numerous creative festivals such as OFFF Barcelona and recently at the MIT Media Lab in Boston, Massachusetts.