I Started gigging and eventually touring as a drummer in High School. I always had the drive for music, with my parents playing in bands growing up. Access to a sprawling record collection didn’t hurt either. In addition to the musical influence, my parents also owned their own graphic design business: and that is where my curiosity in computers and tech started.

I was plucked by a friend from a print shop in 2010 to start working in the live events industry, building both content and LED walls. As the technology grew, I grew with it, and was fortunate enough to work with some of the best folks in the industry who continued to push the envelope.

Between 2011-2019, I spent on average 200+ days on the road a year. Bouncing from tour to corporate to TV, and back and forth (you get the point). I started a media server company in 2015 called Pixel Taco. We specialized in bespoke catalyst and mbox driven systems for many different applications. In ‘20/21, I spent a good chunk of time working at XR Studios @ Showbiz (and various other streaming endeavors around LA) while live events started to creep back into the fold. Sometime in early 2021, Ryan Middlemiss started to plant the idea in my head of coming off the road to help build something special. Being that we’re both Fathers and Husbands first, video guys second: I had a feeling this could work. And I needed something different than “life on the road.”
The symbiotic relationship of art and technology is what drives my passion today. I take a lot of pride in the culture we have built at Fuse. I will always be looking forward to what’s next outside of the box.