Isabel Clavo is an accomplished professional in visual communications and experiential marketing design, renowned for her blend of creative vision and technical expertise. Leading teams of exceptional designers and collaborators, she has spearheaded a wide range of compelling corporate shows – including intricate extravaganzas with a hundred million pixels, spherical IMAX film mappings, and visually sophisticated and moving presentations for global clients.

In recent years, Isabel has been working with the latest generative real-time tools. In 2017 this work garnered her a top Telly award for an IBM live event, produced by Drury Design. 

Other notable projects have included a stunning sequence of animations as part of Refik Anadol’s 2021 Unfinished Live show at the Shed in New York City for Jack Morton Worldwide. And, in collaboration with XiteLabs, the Los Angeles’ 2022 New Year’s celebration which was projected onto the iconic facade of its City Hall.

In 2023, several projects seamlessly integrated live performances with multi-screen environments for large corporate audiences. 

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