Eric Alba, a Creative Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor, brings over 20 years of deep knowledge in creative design, production, and technical supervision to the table. He enjoys venturing into uncharted territories, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams of designers, architects, artists, and engineers to design and build meaningful experiences that engage and inspire audiences.

With a storied reputation for blending traditional production tactics with emerging technologies to deliver stories in unique and compelling ways, Eric has had the opportunity to work on award-winning projects. These include the Museum of The Future exhibit at the World Government Summit, Tónandi for Magic Leap & Sigur Rós, Nike Camp Victory, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Recently, he served as VP/Executive Producer at Immersive and MSG Sphere Studios for the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. This “world-first” venue is set to shape the future of immersive, large-scale, location-based live experiences.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Eric is a dedicated photographer and art enthusiast who enjoys sharing his knowledge and inspiration through leadership, mentorship, and collaborative initiatives in the industry, sometimes over a bowl of ramen.