Bruce Wheaton is a Creative Technologist, specializing in creating problem-solving control and video systems for live events.

Bruce has spent decades programming video systems for corporate, rock and roll, and TV events, generally involving many video screens. Early in his career, he became a developer to solve more complex problems, and since has routinely used code to expand the range of solutions he addresses. His career focus is bringing ambitious creative visions to life.

A serial inventor, Bruce developed commercial products including Fresco, a Screen Control software, PresetManager, a control system for Encore screen switchers, and Synchromesh, an early media server. During the pandemic, Bruce co-founded Vevomo, and created a Virtual Event platform with a ‘metaverse’ component.

Bruce recently co-founded Experience Engineers, a bespoke event technology provider, and also acts as the Chief Technologist for Satoriteller, a boutique Creative Production Agency.