Born in New York City, I have a passion for the arts in all its unlimited forms but especially in the realm of visual effects. Upon graduation from high school, I was undecided on what I wanted to do with my life. After a brief conversation I had with a classmate about how hard it is to join the United States Marine Corps I thought, “It can’t be that hard, can it?” So, I enlisted in the Marine Corps for 5 years. I should mention my life is a series of impulsive decisions that somehow work out for me.

After 5 and a half years of being in the Marine Corps as an aviation electrician I realized I have a knack for technology. Knowing I didn’t want to continue a career in the military I decided to try to get into the entertainment industry. After a lot of interpersonal networking working as a tech assistant I met Ryan Middlemiss in the Fuse Los Angeles warehouse. I very quickly said yes to working under Ryan (a questionable decision on his end) and got thrown into the deep end to pick up the post-covid rush. Almost 2 years in and I now work heavily in media server technology and programming roles having built and sometimes program countless media server racks for a vast amount of live and televised events.