Benjamin Dynice serves as the Director of Product: UX/UI at Aputure Lighting, a prominent manufacturer specializing in full-color LED lighting solutions for the film/tv market. With a career steeped in the entertainment industry, Benjamin’s initial role involved him working on set as an IATSE Local 728 Lighting Programmer, working on major blockbuster films for both Marvel and DC, in addition to esteemed commercial clients such as Apple, Nike, and Samsung.

His journey led him to Quasar Science, where he played a pivotal role as the Chief Technology Officer during the company’s formative stages. Benjamin’s contributions spanned across all their product lines, and he embraced the concept of virtual production by incorporating and expanding the boundaries of Image-Based Lighting techniques.

Leveraging his profound expertise in lighting control and lighting programming, Benjamin has elevated the landscape of lighting color space control, adding new insight to the way professionals approach their work. Notably, he holds the distinction of being an Unreal Fellowship Alumni for ICVFX. Within Aputure, he is at the forefront of the endeavor to bring virtual production lighting to new heights.