Festival Speaker info

**this is a private page for speaker information**

Presentation coaching is available. Please reach out to team frame:work to schedule at festival@framework-community.com
All presentations should be a minimum of 10 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes in length. Each 30 minute session window needs at least 10 minutes for Q&A.

Technical rehearsals are scheduled for the week of Nov 30th and Dec 7th. We will be in touch to schedule your rehearsal window. At rehearsal you will have the opportunity to check any media you want to share during your presentation. We will review the ROS (Run Of Show) leading into and out of your session during the technical rehearsal

All sessions will be managed in Zoom. Please make sure you have the latest version of the desktop application.
Speakers will join a Zoom call with our production team at URU, Laura and a frame:work co-host. URU will manage show graphics and feed switching using VMix and port the result to our conference platform, Hopin.
Media playback should be managed either as a screen share from your computer or via a second presentation computer on the same Zoom call.

Presentation Session General ROS

  1. Speakers will arrive 15 minutes prior to their session for ‘preset’
  2. Speakers will interact with URU team to check Mic/Camera/Screen Share prior to going live
  3. Speakers will be sent to ‘waiting area’ 
  4. Laura and a Co-Host will introduce speaker and session (speaker will hear)
  5. Speaker will join Laura & Co-Host for a quick ‘hello’
  6. Laura & Co-Host ‘exit’ and Speaker presents
  7. There will be a time remaining clock visible to speaker
  8. Twenty minutes into your session, Laura & Co-Host will return to start Q&A
  9. Laura & Co-Host are always standing by to return sooner if you wrap sooner, we will also help you wrap up if you are running over time
  10. Laura & Co-Host will read questions from Attendees to Speakers for the remaining 10 minutes. Q&A will be presented in a discussion format with Hosts and speakers live on screen together.
  11. Laura & Co-Host will thank speaker and speaker will ‘exit’
  12. All ‘entrances’ and ‘exits’ are managed by URU team

You will receive calendar invites for all rehearsals and sessions with the zoom links you need to join.


frame:work social media – we encourage you to share our social media posts and create your own to help build our community:

festival dropbox with shareable assets

Hopin registration links:
December 4 & 5 Weekend
December 11 & 12 Weekend
*Please sign up at Hopin for access to the rest of the event and social hour with attendees

This event is free/donation based, please encourage your professional community to join

Festival Schedule and Info:

We are GRATEFUL you are part of frame:work festival 2020!!