How do we innovate the future of production without undervaluing our time? In the race to build new entertainment production tools, how do we protect ourselves when the pressure is on high to deliver? In this panel, we discuss negotiation practices to move forward.

We are at home, unemployed or underemployed, worried about the future and unable to work in an industry we are invested in and highly trained for. There will be personal pressures to take on any work available when production work starts up again. There is no question we will take on projects to take care of our financial responsibilities, be it our employees & subcontractors, or our own families.

We can’t let this be a moment we agree to work for less than we are worth – or undercut each other to secure opportunities. Instead, let’s make this the time we educate our clients and each other about our roles, our process and the time requirements to work successfully. We can improve our communication with our clients and help them explain their needs and expectations clearly back to us.

In the past, our success at delivering impossible projects earned us the opportunity to do it again and again with no gain in time or budget. We tend to be an unhealthy combination of innovators, challenge-junkies and workaholics and regularly trade our wellness for opportunity – because we love what we do.

Our panel will discuss practical negotiation skills and business practices to work in this revolutionary space, to love what we do and be properly compensated for it. We support innovation. We value the time investment to create the future of our work. We want to support all of us getting there together.