The Al Wasl Dome – The world’s largest projection installation

David Bajt will present Bild Studios’s extensive creative and technical involvement with the Al Wasl Dome, the centerpiece venue at the Dubai Expo 2020.

This majestic 130m x 130m x 70m spectacular dome hosted over 173 special events and spectacular functions throughout the 6-month celebration of Expo. With its 256 projectors and 27000 x 6000 pixel canvas powered by 16 disguise media servers it represents the largest and most complex projection installation to date.

David will describe the advanced pipelines and processes of creating content for the dome and how the Bild team later turned it into the world’s largest interactive audiovisual installation as part of Expo City Dubai. David will also discuss the production process for the broadcast AR used in the opening and closing ceremonies, and outline the team and skills necessary to make it happen.

To facilitate the months of development that went into this project, Bild custom built a real-time VR visualisation platform that helped the Expo team to make crucial creative decisions long before events took place.

Join us for this session to hear David discuss how these groundbreaking technological demands were achieved.