Executive Creative Director, Visual Noise Creative

A trained lighting designer with a specialization in multi dispensary design and execution of new technology. Trevor’s early career was spent merging lighting and video in the Opera while splitting time developing new ways to merged lighting and video designs for some of the Walt Disney Companies largest scale productions and special events.

He continued into music adding creative direction and production design helming world tour and festival appearances for Main St. Electrical Parade, Tokyo Disneyland (Media Design), James Bay- Electric Light (Creative Director), Foster the People, Sacred Hearts Club, Torches, (Creative Director) Animal Collective Centipede Hz World Tour (Production Designer), Kilimanjaro Safari Ride(Sr. Lighting Designer/Media Design), Glass’ civil warS , Los Angeles Philharmonic (Lighting Design) Pitch Perfect 3 (Production Lighting Designer) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, (Theatrical Lighting Design) Billboard Music Awards 2017, 2018 (Screens Producer), MTV-VMA 2019,2020 (Screens Producer), CMA Awards 2019 (Screens Producer)