Co-founder and Co-CEO of Lux Machina

Phil has been one of the industry leaders in bringing the benefits of technology like real-time rendering, high-end media servers, automated lighting, LED and projection systems to broadcast and film projects, as well as themed entertainment attractions. With a deep understanding of the underlying pipelines technologies and tools available, he’s composed cutting edge virtual production solutions for cinematographers, lighting designers and producers.

Starting his career at PRG Los Angeles, he became well versed in production technology, and later started Lux Machina alongside Zach Alexander, to share his knowledge and experience as a production facing workflow specialist. Phil has been instrumental in growing the adoption of interactive, immersive onset lighting for virtual production, and he has extensive knowledge of motion picture and broadcast sets – from the intricacies of acquisition through post-production.

Phil is glad to be included among many great colleagues to support frame:work and to explore new frontiers of immersive media and production.