Peter Shay is one of those people who likes having one leg in the creative process and the other in technical solutions. Bridging those two fields is his sweet spot. He is equally comfortable working on a large video campaign, fine tuning visual styles and scripts, and setting up a media server, troubleshooting cables.

1 part visual storyteller, 1 part technical solver, 2 parts driven by excellence – shake gently and you’ll find Peter Shay working on a media server, video system or video post-production project. His browser tabs are full of the latest motion graphics trends and video codecs. All tools for the next project.

Born with a knack for taking things apart, Peter Shay has always been a learner. It started with taking apart his parents kitchen table and building lego sets. Now he enjoys woodworking, camping with his wife, boys and dogs and tinkering with DIY electronics. He’s always learning something new, and finding opportunities to share with others.