Founder, Imaginary Labs & Carbon for Unreal

David Perkins began his career like so many of us, in theatre. As a freshman in High school, he found the stage as an actor on it, but later fell in love with the workings behind it. This continued through course work in related subjects such as video production and animation. Before long, he had a small business as a video editor and graphics designer. This was compounded when he discovered Maya in 2001. Through curiosity and experimentation, he began doing renderings for stage design, and eventually programming and running lights for those shows.

In 2010, David made the move from Florida to LA. Armed with his portfolio and his laptop, he found himself at the prestigious Silent House Productions at its formation. There he was responsible for renderings, drafting, and helping bring the designers’ visions to life.

In 2014, David left Silent House to join the team at VER, a new challenge, rendering stages and lights at 60 frames per second. This was the start of his journey into previz.

Upon the birth of his twin boys, he and his wife chose to relocate back to Orlando, and left VER in 2018. This also led to the birth of Imaginary Lights, his own company focused exclusively on Visualization. Due to the shortcomings of current industry tools, he began work on an internal previsualization tool using unreal engine.  This work accelerated in 2019 and so he formed a sister company, Imaginary Labs. This company is now tasked with fleshing out this early work and bringing this tech to the world as a tool now known as “Carbon.”