David Bajt is the co-founder of the London-based media technology company Bild Studios and virtual production studio MARS Volume.

Following an MSc in Media Technology & Engineering and an MSc in Architectural Lighting Design, David started his career at renowned digital art practice United Visual Artists (2008-2011) the original creators of d3 media server, now named disguise. David continued his career as the first Consulting Lead for d3 Technologies before establishing the video consulting studio BAJT in 2012.

In 2017 David co-founded Bild Studios, together with Rowan Pitts. Their initial focus on consulting for innovative video projects has today developed into a full-scale technical and creative production outfit with projects spanning the globe. In 2020 they launched MARS Volume – a state-of-the-art virtual production studio in West London for both traditional and innovative content creators, across projects of all sizes and budgets. MARS Volume is an evolving production space where virtual 3D environments are mapped onto a large LED volume, enabling actors, and practical sets, to blend into photo-real or imaginative environments.

Fusing visual design, technology and production management, David continues to develop cutting-edge projects combining architecture, stage, performance, art and technology.