Chris Bird started touring the UK in 1992 with a rack of VHS players and a Seleco CRT video projector, jamming together loops and live mixing on a Panasonic MX-50 to the tunes of LTJ Bukem, Fabio, SS and Groove Rider. By 1999, he’d built the worlds first touring computer-based media server and was the first person to projection map on a 3d stage sculpture.

As a Founding Partner and Director of Multi-Disciplinary art studio United Visual Artists (UVA) in 2002, Chris was initially responsible for all aspects of technical production, though his hands-on practical role evolved into Production Director and General Manager. UVA developed software in-house to drive the real-time pixel perfect LED screen for Massive Attack’s 100th Window Tour in 2003. Originally named ‘Mosquito’, Chris was deeply involved in the software’s conception and development from the very beginning.

Within UVA, Chris was integral to road-testing the various iterations of Mosquito, as it matured into d3, and eventually split into a separate company, d3 Technologies. Chris continued his role as Director of UVA along with the running the business of d3 until it was acquired by another party and renamed disguise.

At that time, Chris decided to step back from the day to day business of running a company, and look out for new ventures. After a year of traveling with his family, Chris has settled in the Düsseldorf area of Northern Germany, where he is restoring a late Bauhaus style house in the Rhine/Ruhr region. He has been working on selected projects with like-minded people in the entertainment industry.