Sponsor Information Page - Producers

Please direct all questions regarding the venue and schedule to Rosie Mitchell, frame:work:london Senior Producer

Please direct all questions regarding your demo time and tickets to Laura Frank, frame:work Executive Director

frame:work:london is a 250 person conference on 3 & 4 November, 2022 at CodeNode, 10 South Place,
London EC2M 7EB

3 November

  • 08:00 – Sponsors arrive
  • 09:30 – Doors open, attendees will have access to exhibition area
  • 10:15 – Presentations start
  • 13:20 – Catered lunch, held in the exhibition area
  • 14:05 – Sponsor demo presentations A, B & C, demos are 15 minutes long
  • 15:05 – Presentations resume
  • 17:05 – 19:00 – Drinks reception in exhibition area

4 November

  • 09:30 – Doors open
  • 10:30 – Presentations start
  • 13:20 – Catered lunch, held in the exhibition area
  • 14:05 – Sponsor demo presentations D, E & F, demos are 15 minutes long
  • 15:05 – Presentations resume
  • 15:30 – Sponsor area load out
  • 18:00 – Hard out of venue

CodeNode is a full service tech conference venue in central London at 10 South Place, London EC2M 7EB

Deliveries can be received up to 7 days prior to the event.
All gear must packed up Friday afternoon, 4 November. Gear pickup can occur on 4 November before 18:00 or between 10:00 – 17:00 on Monday, 7 November.

Full security will be provided.

Venue Photos

Venue Video

As a Producer Sponsor, you have access to 4.5m x 3m of exhibitor space.

Please remember all sponsors have 90 minutes to set up their space before doors open on 3 November. 

The venue can provide tables, chairs and access to power. Tables are 150 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) x 74 cm (H) and include a black table cloth. See photo below.

Please discuss with us your intended plan for the use of your exhibition space, including any equipment you will be delivering or require from another vendor and your power requirements. If you do not intend to use the space allotted to you in the exhibition area, please let us know.

Deliveries can be accepted as early as October 27th.
Please address all deliveries as follows:

10 South Place, London EC2M 7EB

Event Operations

frame:work:london ’22

[your company name]

[(optional) Type of collateral, contents of package, number of boxes]


Please let us know of any items to be picked up by courier after the event. All items must be removed by 18:00 on the 4th of November or on Monday the 7th of November between 10:00 – 17:00. Cases must be properly labelled with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Delivery address
  • Contact Number
  • Collection date
  • Courier
  • No. of boxes

If you need to rent any local AV gear, the venue preferred vendor is: Equip
Please contact lewis.seaman@equip.london

You may also give us your preferred supplier details and we will enquire with the venue.

Producer Sponsorship gives you access to three free tickets. Those tickets can be collected using the promo code: fwproducer

Tickets: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/frameworklondon/762540
Look for the “Do you have an access code?” link at the top of the ticket list. See reference photo below.

Names, email address & dietary requirements are requested for each attendee.

There is a limited supply of extra tickets available for purchase at the Early Bird price of £79 each. Please contact Laura with your request for extra tickets.

Producer Sponsorship gives you access to one 15 minute presentation on our main presentation stage.

We will include your demo in our schedule and promote in our social media.

Please supply a Name, Title and Headshot for your presenter(s) as well as a description of the demo topic. If you would prefer to decline the use of this demo time, please let us know. 

The presenter stage is set up with a lectern, lapel or handheld microphone, HDMI & audio inputs for a demo presenter to share a slide deck. All demo sessions will be part of our webcast unless you request otherwise.

Demos presentations decks can be run by the speaker, or via remote clicker from a laptop you supply. If necessary, we can also access a cloud based deck.

Nov 5, Nov 7 and Nov 9 (strike days): 20pc of normal services are expected to run
Nov 4, Nov 6 and Nov 8: 75pc of normal services are expected to run


Sponsor Reference Check List

Venue & Reference Photos

Thank you for being part of frame:work:london, our inaugural frame:work conference.