Excerpt of an article from FRAY Studio

Changing our workflow on this project permanently turned a light bulb on for us. Yes, Notch is not perfect, but nor is the tools we are all used to. In the end, we landed at around 75-80% of the show being made within Notch. Lack of long term experience and familiarity partly accounts for our falling short of 100% – but there are also some limitations we just couldn’t overcome. But we are ok with this, it was an experiment that had very positive results. We achieved far more than we had hoped and genuinely felt liberated from the old way of working. We made a significant step towards a faster and more intuitive work flow based around allowing creativity to come to the forefront and not be held back by technology.  

This is a brave new world of real-time workflow, and while it has come leaps and bounds in recent times, it is far from a finished project. There is tremendous promise there, and as a creative community, we need to embrace these tools to help develop them together to make software truly fitting for the live-video community.

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