frame:work festival 2020 submission form

The festival description and schedule is available on the announcement page.

Presentation Details

Presentations are allotted 30 minutes. Speakers should prepare 10-20 minutes of material to share live or pre-recorded. Live Q&A will use the remaining time. All presentations should be given in or translated to English. We are looking for presentation topics that discuss unique challenges or problem solving and the resulting solutions.
Please provide a short summary of your presentation. Outline the challenge you faced, what technology you used and how you arrived at a solution.
Describe how your presentation will inform the frame:work community
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Please include any further documentation you like in support of your proposal
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Speaker release form

Thank you for your participation in frame:work’s upcoming frame:work festival event, to be held 
December 4/5 & 11/12, 2020. This Speaker Release Form is provided to notify you that frame:work may: 1) record your frame:work festival session in audio, video and/or photo format, 2) make such recordings and/or transcripts of such recordings (“Recordings”) of your session available to frame:work festival participants for free or for purchase, and 3) use such Recordings for any frame:work business purpose.

As a potential participant or speaker in frame:work festival, I understand and agree that Recordings of presentations and copies of materials that I deliver may be made available to frame:work festival participants and/or used by frame:work for any frame:work business purpose.

I hereby consent to the audio, video and/or photo recording (in any medium), duplication, modification, donation, sale, or distribution of any presentation and/or materials that I deliver at frame:work festival and release, discharge and acquit frame:work from any and all claims, demands or causes of action that I may hereafter have against frame:work whether for libel or violation of privacy, or for copyright or trademark infringement, or for any other claim arising from or related to the recording, duplicating, or distribution of my presentation(s) or the material(s) that I deliver to the conference. I acknowledge and agree that frame:work owns all right, title and interest in and to, any and all Recordings of my presentation(s) made at frame:work festival and grant frame:work a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to publicly display, distribute in any medium any material(s) that I deliver to the conference and to use my name, likeness, biographic information, company and personal trademarks, and image for the purpose of promoting and publicizing the Recordings, frame:work and its seminars or conferences, including but not limited to including such content on the frame:work website. I also understand press and frame:work festival participants will be present at my session. I agree that frame:work is not responsible for, nor can frame:work be held liable for, the public dissemination of any information by the press or any participant not under frame:work control.

frame:work will not distribute Speaker’s presentation content or company name or trademarks except as described above, without Speaker’s prior written consent.

This Speaker Release Form will inure to the benefit of frame:work as well as its affiliates, successors and assigns and shall be binding upon me and all of my legal representatives, heirs and assigns. I have read this release and am fully familiar with its contents. I understand this Release is governed by California law and is a legally binding agreement.